guest artists 2023


Continuing the brand’s artistic narrative, ROKSANDA provides a creative gallery space to champion the works of female artists and makers, encouraging diverse creativity, and reinforcing our belief in supporting women. 

-Nnena Kalu -

ActionSpace artist Nnena Kalu explores space, scale, texture, and colour through repetitive and durational processes, constructing a dynamic relationship between her body and material.

She creates sculptures that are in a constant state of flux. Each sculpture is made, dissembled, and then remade for every installation. The works frequently begin with compact ‘cocoons’ of textiles and paper tightly packed in colourful cellophane. Repeated forms then build organically through extensive binding and wrapping with layers of paper, tapes, and unspooled VHS tapes.  These sculptures are a direct expression of Nnena’s physical movement. In the making of these works, which are created in multiples, a rhythm is built up and numerous layers are constructed as an exploration of continuous line and ever-evolving forms.

-Christabel MacGreevy -

Christabel MacGreevy is an interdisciplinary artist concerned with archetypes, communication and memory, explored through the interplay of the personal and universal.  MacGreevy uses storytelling and an idiosyncratic iconography to express what it is to experience the human condition, with its complexities, joys, miseries, furies and madness.
Rockpool Series is a collection of 5 glazed stoneware ceramics made between 2021 and 2023 which are unified by their palette and the exterior drawings which are inspired by dream sequences, the psyche and transcultural symbolism.

-Eleanor Turnbull -

'So much juice' by sculptor and film maker Eleanor Turnbull, brings together a collection of urban, papercrete casts that ooze, collect and channel liquid despite their bone dry material. A slumping asphalt staircase overflows, despite its plughole, or is it a mouth? Asking you its namesake: “Give me all your bad news”.

In Eleanors work food and water are mediums between detachment and belonging, wetness and dryness, digestion and flowability, desire and repulsion. In confronting the relationship we have with our own bodies and to that of the landscape, we inevitably encounter blockages, stagnation, runoff and flooding. Puddles made from paper show that objects are undone by their own material. Colour and form draw us in like children to sweets, edible pinks, marshmallow, milkshake, juice and messy eating.


- Irina Razumovskaya -


'Falling in Line' by the London-based ceramic sculptor, Irina Razumovskaya, explores the nature and consequences of control and restriction. Using techniques that push the limits of the ceramic materials and glaze chemistry, Irina takes inspiration from archaeology and architecture to create evocative visions of urban landscapes.

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