guest artists 2024


– Gabriele Beveridge –

Beveridge is known for her sculptural and conceptual practice that combines materials as diverse as hand-blown glass, photo chemicals and faded advertisements found in beauty salon windows. Her assemblages put display on display, spotlighting the modular shelves that populate the innards of high-street shops, often combining them with slumped hand-blown glass forms that harness the material's beauty, strangeness and ubiquity. They mimic the body and the way it's displayed in a vastly expanding search space, where biology evolves with the natural and non-natural, the organic and inorganic. Rather than presenting a critique of commodity goods by way of simulation, Beveridge takes the cosmetic mechanisms that prop up consumer desire and carries them to their logical extreme. These cells, organs and hybrids live and evolve in familiar settings and suggest the seepage of some parallel reality into the prosaic. 

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