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Continuing the brand’s artistic narrative, ROKSANDA provides a creative gallery space to champion the works of female artists and makers, encouraging diverse creativity, and reinforcing our belief in supporting women.
- Bronwen Grieves -

In celebration of London Craft Week 2022, ‘Conversations in Form and Composition’ features a series of ceramics by Bronwen Grieves throughout ROKSANDA’s Mount Street store. Prolifically creating in her Nottingham studio, the artist stive her works to balance structure with fluidity, using organic and inorganic forms as a reference point.

Informed by her extensive collection of mid-century modernist objects, Grieves develops her craft using flat coils incised with horizontal or vertical lines before being fixed together. Grogged stoneware clay is used to provide the strength and flexibility required to build thin-walled vessels balanced on fine legs; glaze is used sparingly, often limited to slips which are partially rubbed away to reveal the texture and color beneath. Cementing these notions of femininity and form, the artist explores the intersection between the concrete and the fragile.

- Ranny Cooper -

Working across painting and sculpture, the London-based artist Ranny Cooper revolves her work around the abstraction of the human body, playing with themes such as gender, sexuality, and empowerment, as well as women’s experience of pain, loss, and liberation. Cooper creates abstracted nude figures through sculptures using condoms, resin, and plaster.

With colour and lines crucial in her practice, the artist’s works derives from photography of bodies which she fractures and reconstructs to create an ambiguity of form, often likening the final scenes to landscapes; a metaphor she encourages and brings to ROKSANDA through a series of modern, vivid sculptures.

- Nulana O’Donavon -

Irish artist and maker, Nuala O’Donavon brings a series of otherworldly hand-built porcelain pieces to ROKSANDA’s flagship store in Mayfair. Made from unglazed porcelain clay, O’Donavon’s sculptural pieces bring a sense of energy, life, and dynamism through a combination of the abstracted pattern and geometry from natural forms.

Exhibited amongst the ROKSANDA collection, the ceramics cement a pure and energetic beauty with a strong feminine and dynamic aesthetic. Narratives suggesting imperfections and irregularities within the patterns fascinate and allow the imperfections to exist in the finished pieces, immediately apparent when scrutinized closely.

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