the swimmers



Our first global artwork capsule collection of 3 limited- edition hand-painted screen prints, exclusively signed and numbered by Roksanda Ilincic for Net-a-Porter. Taking inspiration from the structures of contemporary design and architecture, each individually screen-printed piece merges functionality with Roksanda’s feminine world.


Using the traditional screen-printing technique, the intricate process involves first preparing the screens. Stencils of the final design are applied to a mesh screen coated with emulsion which is left to expose and then washed off to reveal the design imprint. Each of our exclusive artworks required 4 stencils which were skilfully lined up by hand to create the seamless finish.


Once ready, the finished screen is lowered onto the printing board where ink is manually pressed through the stencil onto the paper to imprint the design underneath. Each of our hand- painted prints features multiple colours so once one colour is completed, the stencil is swapped out and the process restarts with an entirely new ink colour for the next layer.


When all colours have been applied, the finished artworks are then passed through a dryer to cure the ink, creating a smooth, colourfast finish. Any inconsistencies are checked and washed to remove any existing residue.

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